Handmade necklaces

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  • Colgante de plata con citrino


    60,00 VAT included
  • colgante de plata


    38,00 VAT included
  • colgante de plata con amatistas


    107,00 VAT included
  • April

    49,00 VAT included
  • Ava

    143,00 VAT included
  • Chiara

    49,00 VAT included
  • Desil

    48,00 VAT included
  • Diane

    62,00 VAT included
  • Everly

    26,00 VAT included
  • Giulia

    84,00 VAT included
  • Colgante de plata con amatista


    61,00 VAT included
  • Ina

    39,00 VAT included
  • Jelena

    50,00 VAT included
  • colgante de plata y oro con circonita


    165,00 VAT included
  • Kala

    69,00 VAT included
  • Katia

    341,00 VAT included
  • colgante plta con peridot


    64,00 VAT included
  • colgante de plata con circonita


    48,00 VAT included
  • colgante plata con amatista


    73,00 VAT included
  • Lois

    129,00 VAT included
  • Lyra

    75,00 VAT included
  • Naela

    39,00 VAT included
  • Noelle

    59,00 VAT included
  • Stick

    39,00 VAT included
  • Tabitha

    46,00 VAT included
  • Thais

    93,00 VAT included
  • Tory

    92,00 VAT included
  • Ursula

    142,00 VAT included
  • colgante plata con aventurina


    63,00 VAT included
More information

Discover our exclusive and unique handmade necklaces customized designs in our own jewelry atelier in Barcelona. Here you will find necklaces for all personalities and styles, whether they are sophisticated, minimalist, striking and original. We use gold, sterling silver and white gold together with precious gemstones for you to enjoy and combine with all your looks. We make collections of elegant and distinguished necklaces, with unique and sophisticated designs, made especially for people like you, so can combine them with your style.

Do you want a handmade necklace with a customized design but you cannot find what you are looking for? Here you will find very trendy and original pieces for all your different styles. We create jewelry for women who want modern and creative pieces, original and sophisticated online jewelry at the best prices.


High quality necklaces with beautiful designs

If you are looking for a handmade necklace with a customized design you have come to the perfect place! We have been designing and creating jewelry pieces for many years, and all our author’s jewels are handmade in our own atelier … and what is more special than a handmade jewel?

Our designs are created for women like you, who look for different and sophisticated jewelry that can be combined with their different looks and styles. Take a look at our new necklace collection and you’ll fall in love with them.


We work with high quality materials like silver, gold and white gold and with all kinds of stones and precious gemstones. In addition, each of our pieces is handmade, made one hundred percent by hand, from the fusion of the material to the completion of each piece.

All handmade jewelry pieces are special and have an even more unique value because they are made and designed for each one of you. You can also ask us for any adjustments or customization, either if you want other materials, inscriptions in the piece or any other type of adjustment you wish to complete your perfect jewel.


Online earrings for women, men, kids and babies

Explore our different collections of our online jewelry website and you will find the latest trends in custom design handmade earrings.

With the large number of options we have today, sometimes it is difficult to find that piece that suits your style… or even if it is a gift you may not be sure of what is the best style for that person … right?


Don´t worry, you landed at the perfect place! Take a look at our products and you will see that there are unique and neat gems that will fit perfectly with the style of your partner´s style, your sister or your children! There are different types and forms to choose from.


Let us inspire you and check out the pieces of our online jewelry. All of them have something special that will dazzle you. We also have jewelry and earrings for all ages and you will surely find perfect gifts for all your loved ones! So everyone can find their own jewels!

Discover also the original rings designs for women  in silver, gold and white gold that you can combine with your outfits whatever they are. We have beautiful, elegant and attractihttps://www.jroca.eu/en/ve rings that you can enjoy every day and in every occasion. Also, if you are looking to buy cuffs for women https://www.jroca.eu/es/comprar/pulseras/ or any other jewel, this is your lucky day! Our pieces are designed for all styles, and are perfect for any event or celebration.


Atelier in Barcelona of handmade gold and silver necklaces

Our handmade necklace with a customized design are very original and will dazzle you. We like to satisfy our client’s needs, who want to feel comfortable with their own style and wear elegant and sophisticated pieces. If you are looking for a perfect accessorize for your day to day or a special jewel for unique occasions, or even to make a beautiful and original gift this is the perfect place! Many clients have already chosen us for our designs, since they look for singular pieces, jewels that break with the traditional and classic styles to stand out from the classic tendencies.

Here you will also find jewelry for men, earrings for women  original and unique handmade wedding rings or any other jewel that you have in mind. We have a selection of items so you can choose the one that most appeals to you and adapts to your different looks.

Our work is our passion, an artisan work full of uniqueness and style. Each jewel is designed and created with materials chosen especially for you, looking for unique, attractive pieces, full of personality and harmony. We work to reach the hearts of those who will wear our jewelry.