About me



I love those who take the time to learn a bit about the person behind our handcrafted creations.

I am Josep and I was born and raised in Catalonia (Spain). I always liked movement and creativity, ans as a child I was better at stuff that would let my imagination fly and things that did not have one right answer.

I got into jewelry to help out the family business. At that time I had no idea what my future would look like, but all those afternoons I spent with my grandfather fixing watches or helping out weld jewels were fascinating to me.

After deciding to pursue Jewelry studies and take various trainings, I started creating my own pieces and I went one step forward building jewels based on our clients desires.


It´s exciting to know that with our work we help someone´s wishes come true! If you are looking for a specific jewel, or you just can´t really find that idea you have in mind, you landed at the perfect place. Handmade jewelry is a very special art, and our jewels are full of wonderful stories from people like you, whom one day decided to find their path to get that unique jewel created just for them.



Josep Roca Morral Studied Jewelry at the “Colegio Oficial de Joyeros, Orfebres, Relojeros y Gemólogos de Cataluña (J.O.R.G.C)”, studying not only jewelry but also, Gemology,  Engraving and maintenance & Watch repairing.


All our materials (silver & gold) are certified to ensure we contribute positively into a more sustainable world ( EcoSilver) and also to fair working conditions for the people who indirectly are involved in our production process. (Fair Trade Gold)