It can be tricky to figure out what´s the best option for you or your people considering all the different jewelry that can be found in the market these days right? Our handmade jewels with a custom design for men and women are special and will be the perfect way to remind you of those unique and memorable moments of your life. Wearing a little piece of them with you is a great way to remember and cherish those important occasions.


We are experts in what we do and we can help you choose that special and unique jewel that is going to be up to your standard or to your special someone.

For us it´s essential to be able to advise you and help you decide which will be the best option for you, always with the highest quality and the best prices. We are absolutely committed to our customers to ensure that our creations are beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, but also they match all your different styles.

A custom designed jewel has a much greater value than a regular jewel, as behind those creations there is a personal story that reflects some of the best values and memories of whom chose it or designed it. Wearing it will be the best way to bring back wonderful and unique memories of some of the most special days of your life.

We are experts in author jewelry . For years we have worked with all materials, silver, gold and white gold and all kinds of precious stones and diamonds . We design all kinds of rings with different precious stones, from sapphires to diamonds or any other type of stone you want in your unique piece, such as emeralds, rubies or amethysts.

Our silver rings are the most original and sophisticated, we have daring models and other more classic ones that also maintain that elegant and sophisticated point, giving it a current style. All our designs are adaptable and modifiable to your wishes and needs, being able to modify gold by white gold and changing the precious stones to those that you like the most. Our Personalized jewelry for men and women </ b> are of the most varied and cover different desires and needs, enter the web and check it out!

We created Custom pendants that you can enjoy repeatedly for their elegant, fine and sophisticated designs. Our inspirations come from many different places … from stories of friends and acquaintances to people who come to us and inspire us to create a new jewel, unique and elegant. Your dreams become illusions and we make them come true.

The Silver earrings gold, and white gold that you will find in our store are the most modern and fresh, that combine with any style and look. We know that times change and we believe that jewelery should also be a reflection of society and the values that are installed in it, thus showing an identity for each person.

Our Men’s Bracelets are made for those daring and modern men, who like to go to fashion with a touch that defines their personality and style. We are convinced that many men look for discrete, sophisticated and unique pieces that accentuate and reveal a little their way of being, after all we want our styles to define who we are.

Do you know how to choose an engagement ring or wedding ring ? We do! Here we help you to define your ideas so that you are clear about what you are looking for, how that ring should be and why it is going to be the best option for you and that special person. Get in touch with us and tell us what you have in mind, we will find the best ring for you !

We are specialists in creating alliances and engagement rings of all styles, cheerful and bold or classic with a traditional point. We are convinced that personalized designs are the ones that have the most value , because behind that piece there is a bit of you and a story to remember.

Here you will find the best handmade jewelry for men and women in Barcelona , unique gems with which our master craftsman helps each day to fulfill the dreams of many people with their exclusive designs Call us and we will create that special jewel for you!